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Cup tours (group and individual)
экскурсионные туры на кубу из

CubaIt is often referred to as " petty Karibov " . It's worth admitting that rank is well-deserved. Cuba is not only the largest jewel in the necklace of the Caribbean Sea, but also perhaps the brightest and most interesting. For centuries, this island, with its cozy havanes and a good geographical position, has been the main crossroads from the Old to the New Light. Various nations, cultures, mentalities were mixed in this " boiling boiler " . Each of the nations that came to Cuba contributed to its way of life, taught the island ' s inhabitants to live in peace with other peoples, to respect their values and traditions, and gradually to understand the best of foreign culture. That is why, thanks to the " explosion mixture " of Indian, incendiary African and deeply noble Spanish blood and traditions, there is a unique, self-evident, unlike any other culture.

In each province, the “chemical reaction” process of mixing one people with another took place in its own way. So far, Cuban cities, which are so unlike each other, keep in their architectural image the memory of those people who have been most active in the area of their location. Intersen and the popular folklore have developed around the country. The journey of modern Cuba is a Kaleidoscope composed of a variety of impressions, paints, aromatics and sound. As a true Cuban tour operator, we love and know Cuba. Our mission is to show tourists the real Cuba in all the diversity of her beauty. We are actively promoting guided tours in the Russian market. Cuba toursbecause they will allow the island ' s guests to know the maximum information about Cuba in the shortest possible time.

Excursion tours in CubaThe company ' s proposals are for a variety of categories of tourists: they differ in length, saturation and the subject of the tour programme. During the week of travel on the tournament tour, a tourist can look at the country ' s vastly different values, from colonial cities to the Cuban Revolution, from shiny beaches on small islands to the mountains of the great mountains of Sierra Maestra.

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