Tube 2016 from Moscow
Горящие туры на кубу цены

You want to go to heaven? To rest from the world? Ocean waters and coral reefs, lasco sun and white beaches, fantastic underwater worlds and fabulous birds, crystal waterfalls, architecture of old cities and fortresses, turbulent fun of the night city, smoke of Cuban cigars and burning salsa are all Cuba! We don't forget the rest of Cuba!

Cuba's called the Creek Caribbean. In Cuba, we have to go to life for once, to feel, to infiltrate the spirit of freedom of this delightful country!

Cuba is the largest of the Antilles and the seventh largest island in the world. Rest in Cuba It's almost all year. Average annual temperature +25, 5 C. January is the coldest with an average temperature of +21C. The tropical dry season lasts from November to April and the rainy season is from May to October. 330 days a year, there's the sun.

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