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Cuba Peri - 2016
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Пляжа на курорте Варадеро. Куба

Cuba is one of the most visited countries in the Caribbean. Through this geography, it attracts tourists and provides them with the opportunity to choose a way to spend time here that meets their interests and needs. Yes and Cuba It's all yours.


Many tourists choose Cuba because of the opportunity to have a great time on the beach. There's a special popular resort called Varadero. The islands of Guillermo, Kayo Largo and Kayo Koko are islands of their own viability. By buying a tour or a trip to Cuba, you'll have to visit them.

Climate zone

The cost of recreation in Cuba in 2016 depends on the season determined by the local climate. It's tropical moisture. The tourist season is running from winter to the end of spring.


On the island of Cuba, you will not only be able to light on the beautiful beaches, but also to visit the unique places that display local culture and traditions. For example, one of the old cities is Havana, the capital of the island. Santa Clara's monastery, as well as Castillo de la Punta's fortress and legendary Castillo del Morro, are attracted to their fine and sophisticated work. Cuba ' s leisure costs often include tours.

Do what?

Active rest. The acceptable cost of bets and tours to Cuba in 2016 will give you the opportunity to bathe on the lazour coast. Active activities such as diving (the underwater world of Cuba is beautiful), water skiing, fishing and surfing may be added to the entertainment programme. Those who prefer a variety of terrestrial sports will be able to enjoy jeep safari or golf.

Rest with the kids. The price of burning tours on Cuba allows us to go to this wonderful place of rest for the whole family. Safe beaches and entertainment complexes will give you and your children great moments in this country.

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