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1. Take the VISA international payment system maps, as the banks of the non-MULTI and ALL ATMs service the VISA system. Having a map of the MASTER CARD system in your pocket, of course you're not missing, but you're going to face additional cash-flow difficulties.

First, you can only take the money off on working days (excluding Saturdays and Sundays) during working hours (usually 9-00 to 16-00) at the Bank of METROPOLITANO.SAM_0832 At the same time, these offices do not have so much and do not have all of them with the ability to take off the MASTER CARD maps. Don't forget when you go to the bank to have PASPORT and you'll be patienced, 'cause there's another one of them.

Second, you can take the money off on working days (excluding Sunday) during working hours (usually 9-00 to 17-00 or sometimes to 19-00) in the offices of the CADECA government exchange points. At the same time, offices are not MULT and are not available in all offices for cash withdrawal from MASTER CARD. You can do this at the CADECA office at the NACIONAL Hotel (main entrance, then left again and left down the stairs to the basement, again left to the cafe and right at the entrance to the Hotel Basin) or the CADECA Central Office at 23rd Street in VEDADO near the HAB LIANA Hotel.SAM_0393 Don't forget to have PASPORT and patience, because the queues are in the CADECA Central Office, and in other offices, they're lucky.

2. Take cash with you in the EURO currency.because of the long-standing political relations with the United States and the economic embargo, the Cuban Government, in all bank exchange offices, collects an additional fee of 10 per cent of the transaction at the United States dollar equivalent to the Cuban Converted Peso (CUC).

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