When The Season's On The Cube

When the rainy season is in the dominic and in the cube

When the rainy season in Dominica and Cuba is the answer of the “Tourisms”. Dominica: experts ' answers to your questions.

Planned a wedding trip to the Dominican Republic and Cuba at the end of April, early May, but embarrasses the designated rainy season. Tell me how it is with the weather and the tour.

The International Travel Club, ITC in Cuba and the Dominican Republic, although officially recognized as the beginning of the rainy season in April, is not in fact the case, given the climate changes we are watching. Yeah, rains can be, but not all day, but 20-30 minutes, not more (and usually tonight). Temperature at that time in the Dominican Republic of order +29...+32 °C, water +26...+27 °C. In Cuba, it might be a little colder.
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