Where To Rest On The Cube

Где отдохнуть на Кубе

Отдых на Кубе в октябреOctober is the last month of the rainy season. Despite that, there's a risk of falling under the rain. It is important to be prepared that rains occur once every two, three days and sometimes accompanied by thunder and lightning. Livni in Cuba starts suddenly in October, so it's impossible to predict the weather. At the same time, the danger of serious cataclysms is not serious, so the journey can give a good impression. Take into account the storms of Kayo-Largo and Pino del Rio.

Temperature is changing rapidly. There is no hard knowledge that makes weather more comfortable for many people. At lunch in early October, there could be +30...+33C, and in the second half, +28...+30C. If you like the cold, you need to give priority to the resorts of the northern coast, namely, Waradero or Havana. In cities on the coast of the Caribbean Sea, it will be a few degrees warmer. The night when the air temperature is +21...+23C, you can rest from the daylight.

Lunch and festivals in Cuba in October

Cuba in October Allows us to enjoy rich, interesting cultural leisure.

  • The tenth anniversary of the independence war, called Grito de Yara, was adopted. In many cities, you can hear solemn music and see salutes.
  • Every meloman should visit Havana, where the International Festival of Modern Music is being conducted. Festival Internacional de La Habana de Musica Contemporanea brings composers, producers, music critics, artists and virtois from around the world, not just Cuba. The event assesses the diversity of music and understands the beauty of Cuban motives.
  • In some years, Guitar Fiest, the size of which is international, is in October.
  • The Festival of Rumba is being conducted in Matansas.
  • At the end of October, the capital hosts the Ballet Festival, which is one of the largest events. Participants come from around the world, including the United States, Russia, Germany, France, Spain, Italy.

October is a month to enjoy rest in Cuba while achieving substantial savings. Take advantage of the opportunity to rest in Cuba at democratic prices!


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