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Katya Gordon published a photograph that caused anger from her fans. They were pissed off by the TV host giving a candid picture in Easter. However, there were also those who appreciated her figure.

The TV leader Katya Gordon was convicted of a naked photo she published in Instagram. Some of the fans of the singers were dissatisfied that the girl published a picture in Easter.

"Come out after the bath... Looking at the cube... I've been to rest... And it's like usual, and it's a televiser. The subscriptions were mad, "Isn't worth it!", what kind of lawyer is she? 2 to 5. There's all her legal education on this cube, "It's gone," "The Easter's Nightmare made that picture."

However, one of the drops was answered by a TV showman, who was even quiet. "and you and Paskha are a good smart man," she wrote. We note that there were many positive comments. Male half of the subscribers admired her figure.

Previously, the famous TV host of Oxan Pushkin, the author of the Gerkalo, invited a journalist Katya Gordon to his studio. When she talked to the star, she touched the sickest theme of heroin, releasing her past.

Pushkin decided to talk about Gordon's relationship with his ex-husbands and finally draw a line under them. Turns out that Catherine was completely unprepared for such a frank conversation-- she planned to talk about her book and career, but not about personal life. A frank conversation with Oksana called "preparation."

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