Get Some Rest On The Cube

Rest on the cube
Как отдохнуть на Кубе :: Места

It's like the island's climatic is created for the active beach rest of the winter. From November to April, there is a magnificent solar weather, with a temperature of up to +32 C. Passengers bring a nice cool from the sea, which is very good for active beach recreation. Water in the Atlantic is warmed up to +25 C during this season.

From early April to September, Cuba is experiencing heat, air temperature rises to +37. The summer on the island is guaranteed a great vacation for a variety fans in the weather. In the tropics at this time of the year, it is possible to take a great break, swim in the ocean, engage in dywings on reefs, light up and meet the local characteristics of the culture, kitchens and traditions of the Cuban people.

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