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Foreigners residing permanently in the cube receive free health care and education
В конце концов, эти пункты

The Freedom Islands allowed annual visas for nationals of other States who rent or buy real property in the country

Almost every second Ukrainian, according to Research Branding Group, wants to move abroad. Those wishing to emigrate have different goals and plans, but they are all united to live better. Undeniably, a better life is more pleasant and better to build in the homeland. But for those who have decided to take this difficult step, FACTs publish a series of materials on how to get out, find themselves and deal with the difficulties of living in another country.

Cuba has recently enacted a law encouraging foreigners to invest in the State ' s economy. The document provides, among other things, that a national of another country who rents or owns real property in Cuba may apply for an annual visa with a later extension. This right applies to the relatives of the owner of the real estate.

Foreigners are planning to offer housing in specially designed luxury resort areas for golf and yacht amateurs. In order to make a deal, the buyer must obtain permission from the Project Manager and from the Ministry of Tourism.

Citizens of other States, Acquisitions in Cuba and granted annual visas are entitled to engage in tourism or any other business. It is true that a residence permit may be cancelled if the alien refuses to rent or sells housing, stays outside the island for more than a year or violates Cuban laws.

♪ There are two categories of foreigners in Cuba: permanent residents and arrivalsI told Olga's ex-girlfriend. Thirty years ago, she married a Cuban and moved to Liberty Island. - Temporary residents are mostly businessmen and travellers. They pay for everything -- housing, utilities, car rental, medical care -- in currency or in convertible Cuban pesos -- cukes (CUC), which are officially worth about Euro0,8 (one euro in Cuba is changed by CUC). The rent of a square metre of dwellings is about five squares.

Foreigners who live here on a permanent basis are paid everywhere by national Cuban pesos (1 CUC is 25 pesos), health services and education are provided free of charge to Cubans, and all social benefits are available to them. We, for example, pay for our small apartment of about 3 CUC per month: 50 cents, water 30 cents, light, two pieces. Mobile connection is 35 cents a minute, Esemeska is nine cents. Stationary phone isn't cheap either, 7-8 CUC a month. But it's because we're going through it to the World Network. By the way, only foreigners can connect the houseline.

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