Wedding Ceremony On The Cube

Cube wedding

Cuba wedding - it's a wedding in Earth paradise. Cuba ' s nature is so beautiful that it is in itself the best decoration of the wedding ceremony and the inexorable background for the photosy!

Put on a light wedding dress, a long air phase, take off your shoes. A sandbox on a white sand, under a simple and spectacular flower arche, underneath waves, promise to love, protect and respect each other.

And after your wedding, you're going to have a relaxed rest on Cuba's infamous beaches, rhythms, smells and paints, one of the brightest, inspiring and contradictory countries in the world.

Sands of beaches, Lasour Sea Waters, Cuba 's most interesting history, the mixing of ages and cultures, bright paints, warm friendship and hospitality, counterfeiting and uncomparable atmosphere.

The wedding in Cuba is the choice of true romantics!

Attention! The Brake certificate obtained in Cuba will be sent to you within 30 days of registration in Havana and for six months during the hotel.

The marriage registration ceremony shall be conducted by the Registrar at the beach near Havana or at the hotel 's territory, in accordance with predetermined time.

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