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Все о Кубе




Country code



111,000 square kilometres


Moscow: 8:00.


Geography of Cuba

The Republic of Cuba is an island State in the north of the Caribbean Sea. Cuba occupies a single island in the Greater Antilles, the Island of Youth and many smaller islands.

Cuba ' s radar is predominantly plain. About one third of the territory occupied higher and mountains. Sierra Maestra ' s highest mountain range reached 250 kilometres along the south-east. His highest point is the peak of Turkino (1974 m). Approximately 2/3 of Cuba ' s total area are occupied by slightly shrinked plains.

Map of Cuba

Open a big map of Cuba


It is almost two times of the year: the rainy season (May-August) and the dry season (September-April). Average annual water temperature 26, 2°C. Cuba ' s climate is characterized by typical high humidity throughout the year. On the coast, however, the wind from the sea is dying, fresh and cold.

The tourist season lasts almost a year round.

Average air temperature in Havana:
Jan Fev March Apr May June July Aug Saint Vincent Oct No. Dec.
t° C +22 +23 +25 +26 +27 +28 +24

State apparatus

Socialist republic. The Head of State is the President of the Council of State. The Supreme Authority and the Legislature are the National People ' s Power Assembly. The Supreme Executive and Administrative Authority, the Government of the Republic, is the Council of Ministers.


State language: Spanish

English, German, Italian are widely used in resort zones.


Most Catholics (47 per cent), Protestant (4%) and so-called " Sentery " adherents are a secret cult based on African language beliefs mixed with the cult of some Christian saints.

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