I Want A Cube

I want to go!
Nick Kenrick
How do you get rid of the fear of a flight? Dry your fears and fly without fear!

Examine these simple recommendations as a method of erasing negative thoughts, emotions and feelings of Stirtel Start, make it nice and comfortable.

Sound the fear of the flight - and fly without fear
Sound your nerves, and fly without your nerves.
Draw the fear of the enclosed space and go with pleasure.
Sound the fear of death, and fly happy.
Sound the fear of height and fly happily
Sound the fear of fall, and fly safely.
Sound the fear of the terrorist attack - and fly boldly.
Sound your worries, and fly without alarm.

And if you also take the Master Start on the road, you can also help others on board.

By demonstrating its strength, confidence and superiority over the fear of flight.

== sync, corrected by elderman ==

Friends! We'll make the flight safer and more pleasant. Place this text where you can see it by those who fear to fly.

Agree a much more pleasant flight to a company of happy and smiling passengers than flying around with nervous, sweaty and fear-threatening "living" who can't calm their minds.

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