Coomb Weather In March


Monthly water temperature


♪ The weather map is fully interactive. You can switch months as well as change the scale and move the visible area of the map to see other resorts.

♪ The map shows the average monthly daily air temperature or water temperature at sea.

The weather. Cuba Happy summer warmth and sun. In every corner of the Liberty Islands this month is the dryest from the dry season. So if you're scared of tropical rains, and you don't carry high humidity of the air, but you're very excited to be on the other side of the world and visit Cuba, choose for this event March and you're not wrong about your expectations.

Havana enjoys warm air and the day it warms up to +27...+28 degrees and nights when air masses don't fall below +19...+20. The amount of precipitation in a month is not tropical, only 46 mm. The humidity level for small sediments is maintained at a relatively high level of 71 per cent. The first month of spring in Havana and throughout the northern part of the island is the dryest month of the year, as far as possible in the tropical climate. Not more than one rainy day. And every day, it's more than nine hours hot, but it's not a sticky sun. It's just a paradise in March. You won't. The temperature of the water goes up a degree. It has now reached a +26 mark off the coast of the capital. It's not the summer.

The city in the ocean cosy, Varadero, is happy with the same day as in Havana +27 or about that degree of air. It's a little cooler tonight. And if for you +17...+18, it's not exactly comfortable, take a late walk with your jacket. 45 mm rainfall over a month is the lowest in the year. If you want to get on a vacation in Waradero, when it's relatively dry, you'll choose this season. The temperature of the water is that you want to swim and swim. Whereas in the Black Sea +26 is only in the heat of August, Cuba enjoys its advantages and baths in March in full pleasure.

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