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Special prices for Exhibition 2016

Recreation planning is a very pleasant but difficult process that raises many questions:

  • What's the most secure tourist agency?
  • How do you get a ride? What are the shares now?
  • Where's the best place to rest in South Ural?
  • What are the prices of foreign recreation?

Answers to these and other questions will be available at the Exhibition 2016.

Visitors are represented at the exhibition by overseas tours, children ' s camps, recreational facilitiesthe historic Zairatkull Reserve, and of course the virtues of South Ural.

For example, the Chelabin International Tourism Bureau of the Satellite presents three new directions, namely the Kumkul, Sugoyak, Uvilda, the Tour of the Space Odyssey, a bus trip on the Baikonur launch site!Space tourism today is relevant" - shared with companies - "And we have taken a step in that direction, too!" .

Particular attention will be paid to the popular trend of recent years, domestic tourism, which is actively developing in Sochi and Crimea. From the south, our country will be home to Alecsandria, the perfect place for active and comfortable recreationists in the Red Zone. Only for visitors who booked the hotel at the exhibition will act

And for those who prefer unsuccessful recreation with recovery, the exhibition will be interested in prophylactic choices. This year, the exhibition has a wide representation of health workers from the Republic of Bashkortostan:

  • The Ai climatic sanatorium, which treats the spine and joints (the exhibition will have a sanatorium prank. Details on the company wall;
  • Balneoclimatic health Green grovein which the cardioreabilitis are successfully conducted;
  • Jangan-Tau Sanatorium with a unique recovery programme;

In addition, the exhibition will benefit from the booking of the Obukhovsky Sanatorium and the Lower Sergi (Sverdlov region) located at the same mineral deposits specializing in the treatment of diseases of the stomach-kid treatment.

Also participating in the exhibition will be the oldest resort, Kluchi, on Ural. From the Perm region, which has mineral sources of hydrogen sulphide.

And those who do not want to leave the house will be interested in the Izumrud Sanatories, Karagai Bor (Verkhneural district), the Southern Park at Lake Chebarkul, the Camera flower and Qurnocino hotels.

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