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Отдых на Кубе: фото, описание

Про отдых на КубеI'll share a common impression on a recent trip to Cuba. In this publication, it's mostly my senses and my taste. What surprised me was unusual, or vice versa, matched expectations. A total of 30 points were raised.

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1. The first week in Cuba was accompanied by a growing misunderstanding. All, absolutely all those who had any idea of the island or had already visited it, have kept saying that every Cuban counter would always try to bring us to something. Reality was more like a bearded joke: "When I was a kid, I was told that I would be offered drugs, sex and alcohol on the street.Про отдых на Кубе Where are all these people? By the way, if anyone's interested in the answer, I've got him-- all those people in Havana. And given that Havana has been left for the last few days, the local hineteros could not have ruined our already existing country impressions.

2. The sky! The sky! The sky! The sky! The sky! The Cuban sky can always be seen. It's always beautiful and every time in its own way. One of the smartest steps on my part in preparing for the trip is the purchase of a polarizing filter.

3. Walking around town, you gotta watch your feet. In Camaguay, I was intercepted a few times just a second before I fell into some open hatch. And in the same Havana, there's plenty of dogs on the streets and shit where they got caught.

Про отдых на Кубе

4. In the reports I read before the trip, a lot of photographers complained that it was impossible to take people off the streets-- mild, unarmed models immediately notice and start demanding money. Let's just say, it's all bullshit and shit. The ordinary people - take off as much as you want, completely calm. When you ask if they can be sealed, no one refuses. In the whole trip, a couple of people have made it clear they don't want to get caught. Some ask them to take pictures themselves.

There's still a catch. If that proposal came on the streets of Havana, the money would really be asked. All these lovely old ladies with cigars, without which no photo report from Havana, they're under siege and they're earning. And without them, any body that on the street shows the fingers of the cliff makes it purely of mercantic interest. It's just like this that you've been passing. In any other city, it's all from a pure heart.

Про отдых на Кубе Про отдых на Кубе Про отдых на Кубе Про отдых на Кубе
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