What Can You Buy

Shoping on the cube
А это уже гуляя по

Cuba needs to bring cigars, which is a great gift. Buy them only in shops, the best of which work in the major hotels of Havana (Nasional, Sevilla, Malía Cohiba). All about the stamps and the types of gaven cigars can be found on the official website of the tobacco association.

toxicolog81 in Cuba, Cigar - Cohiba (Curity Fidel), Monte Cristo (Churyl Che), Romeo y Julieta (Churil). Be prepared to offer you all the time to buy cigars from your hands, with brutal deception and evaporation of even dried sheets of banana. If you take them from the locals, only Reloba is the taste, of course, of victory (they are given by the Cubans on the plates), but the porolone and the banana are definitely not in them.”

And there's rum and coffee that can be easily purchased in duty free, unless you're a specially rare kind. The original, but also the non-destructive, black coral jewels, which can be found in hotel stores. Don't buy them off your hands or on the market, because you're gonna need a license on them. The same applies Crocodile skin bag

To verify the black coral to be authentic, warm it up with a lighter, it must not swim. Look at the booth holes: a simple white coral, or even a bone, sometimes just paint black.

The market can buy rubbish pieces from the red tree, fun gestures from the beer and the collar, colorful paintings of local artists, Cuban flags and various objects with a revolutionary symbol.

Best T-shirts and hats. - in the sub-base shop at the Nasional Hotel and at the airport (the market is very poor).

The fishermen can get the most beautiful cancers. And, of course, coconut!

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