Cuba Forum

The action took place in all municipalities of the Republic
Куба: общие впечатления

The action was carried out in all municipalities of the Republic.

More than 50,000 Tatars participated in the " Net Saving " event. Examinations have been carried out within the framework of the Year of Water Protection Zones. In the course of the action, the inhabitants of the Republic were cleared from the debris of over 800 water objects. In total, more than 2,350 cubic metres of waste were disposed of from 13 to 23 July

The Forum will be held from 20 to 23 September in Kazani and will highlight the issues of fundamental research. Some hundreds of Megagrants will attend events.

Of these, 40 will be invited from the abroad. Fellow researchers, such as French physics and blue lasers, confirmed their participation. Bernard Gil, also Director of CRNS research. Reports will be made by the Italian solar expert, Aldo Di Carlo, and the Russian physicist residing abroad, Boris Altshuller.

The Conference will be divided into 10 sections: Agro-, bio- and food technology, Gumanitarian and Social Sciences, Information Technology and Computing Systems, Mathematics and Mechanics, Machinery and Energy, Life Sciences, Medicine, Earth Science, Environment and Environmental Management Materials. Production technologies and processes, " Physical and astronomy " , " Chemical and chemical technologies " . All presentations will be made by the participants themselves, which should make the conference more interesting, and by the Tatar Inform.

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