Cubic 2016
Куба + Мексика (Пляжный отдых)

The food in Cuba is 2016. It's all on! Special proposals and burning tours to Cuba at this time:

When you hear the word "Cuba" , cigars, rum and all of us are imagining the favorite movie mafia. In the meantime, the Varadero Beach frequented the famous Alfonso Gabriel Capone.
A trip to Cuba will always be on the counterattack against a trip to Turkey or a trip to Egypt. Cuba is a country of ass, a country of legend, secrets and adventures. Tour prices for Cuba are rising, and travel to Cuba will cost more than travel to Turkey.

Because we're all out of the door. The USSR, in Cuba, still loves us, so far travels on our cars, and sometimes "just for us" discounts on cigars, but maybe lie what they do.
For those who love rum and Mojito in particular, we propose to visit the Havana La Bodeguita del Medio, the best mojito you will never try anywhere else or ever. If you're interested in some unusual purchases from the Cuban coast, you can bring to your home articles from a black coral, turtle pancir, bongo, guayber (this is a shirt that official faces in the tropics) and a whole crow of what's related to the Cuban revolution: portrait C, berets, photographs, photographs, and cruises. Don't forget, in the middle of the day, almost all the stores will be closed down on the grid.

The biggest resort in Cuba is Vadero. It's two, five, three hours from Havana. Varadero is the best way to rest in Cuba. Havana is the country 's largest tourist destination. The northern Cuban coast lies in small islands: Kayo Koko and Kayo Guillermo, two of them. They'll catch them with their paradise beaches, unusual nature and privacy. The mainway is connected. Kayo-Largo Island is located in the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea.
Cuba will also be able to rest with children, as the sea is very warm and enables children to spit in the water indefinitely. Like Egypt, there's a lot of colorful fish at the edge of the water, which will certainly give pleasure to your child. Kids will be interested in digging into the white sand of Cuban beaches. Before the visit, please enquire about hotel feedback and the availability of child infrastructure - animators, menu in restaurants, children 's basins, etc. Virtually all hotels work on the "All On" system, guaranteeing free drinks, exquisite dishes, fruit and alcohol to the residents.

Due to the road trip, Cuba ' s leisure prices are often high, but this does not eliminate the possibility of buying low-cost tours.

To choose the best price, or on Cuba From Moscow, St. Petersburg, Rostova on Don, Novosibirsk and other cities, we are encouraged to use our search by specifying certain selection criteria. The database contains the most relevant tour prices. Prices are downloaded directly from tour operator databases.
By choosing tour Cuba in 2016, it is sufficient to define the hotel category, the type of food, the method of accommodation and the date of departure, and then to contact the company 's representatives and issue an application.

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