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Arena's stunning, starting to make a roof
Тринидад, 16 век (город-музей

According to Rostov-n-Don's master plan, the 2018 World Cup will be on Don's left bank. Construction will be 39, 18 ha. The south border of the construction site will pass along the urban transport line, which divides the building area with the prospective area of the construction of the fucking canal. The North Border of the Station is facing the Don River. Arena's gonna be on the artificially created mouse.

As a result of the construction of a new stadium in the left-bear zone, the Territory will receive a strong boost to the development of transport, engineering, communal and energy infrastructure. It is planned that the arna will be the centre of an urbanized landscape that will bring together cultural and commercial and recreational complexes with a network of facilities for the fucking canal.

The construction of a football stadium, which is a rectangle in the plan, includes a football field, tributary compartments with sub-tribons and a perimeter-linked communications area. Landscape terrace is being implemented around the arcade. It was originally planned that the roof of the arna would be associated with two fresh flying wings that would cover the space of four rostrums around the field. However, it was later decided that changes to the project documents would be made, according to which the roof would be one closed structure with a rectangular cut. The cover will have two symmetry axis. The main inferior designs are the radial solar balls system combined with ring runs and connections. The design of a stadium project in Rostov was based on the experience of designing the world 's best and European leases.

The stadium building will consist of five floors and three tiers of open rostrum. The project provides for the establishment of all necessary facilities: players ' locker rooms, judges ' offices, coaches, match delegates ' rooms, soccer-mining areas, conference rooms, office spaces, athletics store, press centre, café and others.

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