Kouba Cultural and Distracting Centre/Krz

Cuba ' s cultural and entertainment complex is a real recreational empire, vast in scope and well-designed, in the heart of the city, for any taste and wealth.

There's everything here, all of it. full rest With family, friends, colleagues, loved ones and close people: bowling has four modern roads, billiards, three kinds of bankers, a fashion nightclub, known as the most diverse parties and a show for any taste, "KORONA" - sports broadcasts and show programmes, performances, darts tournas, and a possible European seam.

Also for your services! Free CARACE! On Saturdays, CARAOCE, feel like a star, sing and get a gonorrard!

You'll have to find some fun. We've tried to take all the tastes and constantly prepare nice surprises for guests, so keep an eye on our aphis!

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