Cuba June

Rest on the cube in June.
Lidojumi Rīga - Kuba no 556

Because of frequent rains, June is not a good time to travel to Cuba. On average, more than 180 mm rainfall occurs in 10 days on the island and elevated humidity (81 per cent) and heat (more than +30 °C) make the country ' s resorts uncomfortable. Although tropical rains, which are accompanied by storms and lightning, and sometimes a degree, go very little, from half an hour to two hours, even during that time they can flood whole streets. With the approximation of the weather, tourists are encouraged to return to the hotel, and free time can be travelled to Cuban restaurants and bars.

Should we go to Cuba in the summer?

After the rainfall ends on the streets and beaches of Cuba, the heat comes back and the water is evaporated fast. Such weather surprises are mostly for travellers of extremists, but for traditional beach recreationers, the visit to the Liberty Island should be postponed until the winter begins when the high level begins. season in Cuba

What do you want on Cuba in June?

The same people who will do whatever they want to come here in July will have to take a sun cream, which in summer time has a fairly aggressive action, as well as headbears. Zones, rainbows and unprotected jackets, of course, can be put in the baggage, but they're unlikely to be saved from a real tropical storm. And that's what you're gonna take on the road, so these rubber boots, they're gonna be uncomfortable with you, but if there's nowhere near the hotel, they might be very useful on the way back. Each traveller must also have a small anti-Septic pharmacy, because in high humidity, even a small wound can easily be buried.

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