Cuba Music

Cuban music is:
В музыке классического стиля

♪ Digeridou, the spiritual musical instrument of the Australian Aboriginals, Ethnic Music (Ethnic, Ethnic) is the closest analogue of the English term English world music (music of the peoples of the world, music of the world). It's primarily the popular music of different cultures in the world...

- The Revolution. Director T. Gutiérrez Alea. 1960. Cuban film. First show film in Cuba spent in January 1,897 Mexican G. Weir, representing the Lumière brothers. He also created the first Cuban chronic, “Fire trials”, ...

- Lat's culture museum. America has historically evolved from American (Indian), European (primarily Spanish and Portuguese) and African sources. The importance and impact of each of them varied in... Music encyclopedia

♪ This article lacks reference to sources of information. The information should be verified, otherwise it may be questioned and removed. You can...

- Ansamble Jesus. Cuba. Science and culture. Latin America ' s musical culture has evolved from American (Indian), European and African music. These three genetic roots are clearly traced to the modern people... ...Latin America Encyclopedic Guide

Cuba (Cuba), Republic of Cuba (República de Cuba). Big Soviet encyclopedia.

- I Cuba (Kuba) (Pseudonym; true name and surname of Kurt Bartel, Bartel) (8.6.1914, Garnsdorf, Frankfurt in Main), German poet and writer (DG). He was a member of the CC of SENG (since 1954). Born in a working family. In 1933, 46 lived in emigration.

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