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планирующим отпуск на Кубе

To breathe in Cuba is not cheap, but the quality of rest here is lame, and many tourists attract the country ' s identity, its revolutionary antenna, its magnificent exotic nature, as well as simple visa processing. It is a great pleasure for men to travel to the Liberty Islands, although well-established couples and young people who wish to leave unusually choose to travel this unusual country.

The country ' s official name is the Republic of Cuba, often also referred to as the Island Freedoms. The island State is located in the northern part of the Caribbean. The country ' s territory includes Cuba and Huwentud, as well as many small islands. The Florida and Yucatan Straits separate Cuba from North America. The capital of the State is Havana.

Climat in Cuba is plain tropical. In January, the coldest is, on average, +22, 5°C, the warmest in August is +27, 8°C. Ocean waters off the coast are warmed up to +24° and in the summer to +30°C. Cuba has two climatic seasons: rainy season (May-September) and dry season (October-April).

All the beaches of the islands are municipal, free entrance. But the hotels have their own protected beaches. There are virtually no local residents on such beaches, only the visitors. Legs and umbrellas are offered free of charge.

Cuba ' s classrooms have excellent hotels, usually global networks, mostly Spanish. Almost all the hotels are built on Cuba ' s popular beach resorts, working under the ALL INCLUSIVE scheme and offering a high-quality service. To say, resting in the tourist complexes of the Liberty Islands is great!

Cuba ' s worthyness is also a great deal of attention, many of them, but it is particularly desirable to highlight the western province of Pinar del Rio, which is marked by a beautiful nature and great tobacco plantations. The best Cuban cigars make out of the tobacco that grew up here.

As in Havana, we should look into the Capitol and the historic centre of the city called Old Havana. St. Christopher's old-fashioned cafeteria collection is rising in the center. Interest is also represented by the Great Theatre of Havana and the main spectacle is the Boulevard Prado.

There's a lot of sight in Cuba. Love nature? Visit the Viñales Valley with a unique cardiac landscape, one of the country ' s national parks and the Sapata Bolot Reserve. Are you interested in architecture? Look at the La Kabanya River, Plaza de Armas, La Fuers' fortress. Rest in CubaI'd like to go to the Hemingway house museum, toss Colon's cemetery and to take a tour to Jose Smith's sugar factory.

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