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Best beaches in the world rating
Лучшие Пляжи Мира: пляж

Лучшие пляжи мира рейтингWhat's the world's best beach for me? This is:
- clean, transparent and safe water
- a convenient entrance to the water - so I don't have to go 100 meters pounded.
- the purity of the beach. Best option: coral white sand, which is not warmed up in the sun as a pan.
- at least the people. If there's a sausage on the beach on the parachute, sniffing sharks and squeezing moms with kids, this beach is going to suck.
- maximum wildlife: I love having something next to the beach other than a sealed leather, because I can't lie for more than five minutes.

I'm often asked what countries or places on the ground where there are good beaches I recommended. I took and made my personal beach ratings around the world. It's called the best beaches on Earth I like. Places on the list don't matter, but the best quality beaches of course on the islands. Caribbean Sea

Look at the larger map.

I do not impose my recommendations on anyone, but the list is based on the places on Earth that I have been until today:

Лучшие пляжи мира рейтингPanama. Sen-Blas archipelago
Panama. Living islands

Dominican Republic Baraon and Pederales are the best beaches of Dominica (Playa de las Aguilas )

Honduras. Cayos Cochinos and Roatan Island

Greece. Fields on the island of Kefalonia
Greece. Lives on Lefkada Island
Greece. Toroni's on Citonia, Halkidiki

Croatia♪ Hwar Islands
Italy. Sardin Islands North Beaches

Thailand. Best beach on Phuket Island

Indonesia. Gili Meno Island, Travangan
Indonesia. Uninhabited islands near Labouan Bajo, O. Flores, Red Beach on Komodo Island

Malaysia. Perkhtian Islands
Malaysia. Redang Island

Philippines. Islands near Coron Island, Busuanga
Philippines. Boracai Island

Tanzania. Zanzibar North Beaches

Australia. Lake McKenzie and Wabby on Frasier Island, Quinsland

Лучшие пляжи мира рейтинг Лучшие пляжи мира рейтинг Лучшие пляжи мира рейтинг Лучшие пляжи мира рейтинг

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