Serb Cubes

Herb of cubes - Vikipedia
герб кубы

Cuba is an official Heraldic symbol of Cuba. It consists of a shield under the Frigian collar, an engulfed oak branch on the one hand and a branch of laur on the other. The Serb was established by Miguel Tolon and was adopted on 24 April 1906.

The Serb of the Republic of Cuba has the form of a shield divided into three parts, in the upper part the key between the Florid and Yukatan peninsula and the closing entrance to the Gulf of Mexico is portrayed. The rising sun of freedom is visible. The palms and peaks of the mountain are symbols of patriotism, freedom and independence of Cuba. On the left, three blue strips of the Cuban flag mean the unity of the three parts of Cuba. There is a red Frigish cap on the top of the sherb, symbolizing the desire to achieve the highest ideals.

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