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Romantic journey

It's been a long thought and thought, but it's still Cuba's preference and our honeymoon went there. Very pleasant and unpleasant memories of the time spent. The rest lasted 21 days, so many visits and many places.

I really wanted to get to Cuba. First, I have never been there, secondly, since Cuba has embarked on the path of economic development, it will soon lose the ball and sorority for which everyone seeks to get back in the car of time.

March in Havana

Suffered in Cuba for 18 days. Given that the beach rest and everything I'm interested in, I've traveled without a ride, you can say "dicar." The purpose of the visit was to communicate as closely as possible with the Cuban people ' s life, although the beaches were not ignored.

In Cuba:

Having been to Dominica in 2010, I once again wanted to go to the Caribbean Sea. We leave the kids to Grandma, we're going with our wife. Options between Mexico and Cuba. As a man born in the USSR, raised in a spirit: glory of work!

It's okay, Fidel!

It's okay, Fidel! Travel time 3-20 April 2012 Temperature Day 30-32, night 22-23. Marchrut: Havana 5 days, flying to Kayo-Largo Island for 6 nights, flying to Varadero for 6 nights.

Cuba is a great country. ♪ ♪

Cuba is a great country... I guess I've got nostalgic or some sort of unfinished impression on Cuban travel, so I decided to take the feather. Cuba has struck: nature is the buoyancy of paint, many different shades, which I can't describe.

Tourism feedback on cube

Kayo-Blanco Island in Cuba gave a very good impression. Small white sand, empty beaches, busy plants. More pleasant was lunch from seafoods, the lobsters were very fond of, I remember!


My parents travelled to Cuba at the end of November 2011, aeroflite tickets (business-class fare tourist) that were later repented at the crossroads, so if you know, the week in Havana was as planned by the Gavana Libre Hotel and the outskirts of Havana.

Cuba and Havana

Cuba has a lot to say, every one of them finds its own: colonial architecture and nature, rum and fun Latin music. For me, Cuba, it's people. Cubans are open and general, fun and direct, I think we've lost these qualities in the past 20 years.

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