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Aeroports on the cube - Review of the Airways of the Freedom Islands with International Status
Сколько лететь до Кубы

Обзор аэропортов КубыCuba is an island State, so it is possible to get there from Europe either on a cruise line or on a plane. Caribam cruise is a separate article. Here, we will focus on international Cuban airports serving tourists.

Cuba has 77 aeronauts, but only nine are international. We'll look inside Cuban terminals, we'll sort out a transport service with nearby cities, find the island's air gate on a map. We also have to lay a route from Moscow.

Contents of the article

Airports in Cuba

The majority of Cuban aerospaces are directed towards internal flights. It is inconceivable to list the names of all the airports of the Liberty Islands.В каких городах Кубы есть международные аэропорты Here is a list of cities that can be accessed by international companies:

  • Havana;
  • Olgin;
  • Santiago de Cuba;
  • Varadero;
  • Santa Clara;
  • Kamaguay;
  • Sierra Maester;
  • Nueva-Herona;
  • Sienfuegos.

Half the airports represented, our travelers don't use. The main mass of tourists travels to Havana, Santiago de Cubou and Olgin are considered international and conform to world standards.

For the Russian travellers of Havana, it seems most attractive, as it is safe to travel from Moscow without transplant.

More detail on Cuba ' s key aeronautical unit.

Cuban aerospaces on the map

In order to be better focused on the Liberty Island, we need to study his map carefully. Specially for you, we celebrated the main international airports.

Public holidays and associated airports

Quality rest implies not only warm seas and clean beaches but also developed infrastructure. We will now report on Cuba ' s most popular tourist destinations and link them to international and domestic aeronauts.

Популярные курорты Кубы - Гавана Международный аэропорт в Гаване Кубинский аэропорт Антонио Масео Перелёт из Питера на Кубу
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