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Tours to Cuba, the pearls of the Caribbean are a round trip to the Liberty Island, a country that has been manipulating tourists from all over the world for centuries. The soft climate of the island and the comfortable temperature level throughout the year will make the rest of Cuba unforgettable, bright and saturated.

Although the tourist season is round, the winter season on the island is rainy season. So lead Cuban tour operator ART-TOUR recommends that individual tours be booked in advance in this paradise.

Cuba ' s recreation is marked by diversity: clean beaches with white sand, coral reefs that are perfect for diving, buoyancy of paint and mixing of aromats in tropical forests, and a caleidoscope of night life with the sound of the winter salsa on the rum Havana Club and the smoke of Cuban cigars.

Elite hotels and bungalows on the beach, restaurants with the original local kitchen, shopping with affordable prices and the spirit of freedom of the island, Cuba will for a long time keep memories of traveling to the heart of the Caribbean!

Tours in Cuba for 2016 with rest in the best hotels, attractive airline prices and quality individual services in any corner of the world. The ART-TOUR Tour Operator proposes to rest in Cuba with flights from Moscow and other cities of Russia.

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