Cubus Wedding

Cubé honeymoon
Свадебное путешествие на Кубу

Cuba is prepared to offer many seats for the honeymoon: the popular Vaadero, the capital of the country of Havana, a viable Olgin, incendiary Santiago de Cuba.

Irrespective of the resort chosen, the honeymoon would be unforgettable if it was complemented by a symbolic ceremony and said yes in the fabulous corner of the Earth.

When you go to Cuba, don't forget to put it in a suitcase:

  • Pellants, by the evening there are many different insects;
  • The souvenirs of the local population - women will be thrilled by some acid-coloured nail polish as well as the packing of bells;
  • Men will have to shower foam for razor or shampoo;
  • a few clothes packs, because things in the tropics are bad.

Interesting places in Cuba that should be visited on a honeymoon:

  1. Capitol. In its form, the Paris Panteon was built in 1929 for meetings of the Cuban Parliament.
  2. Saving Malekon is an open theatre. It is particularly pleasant to visit the coast tonight to watch the sunset and dance the real Cuban salsa with young people.
  3. Havana Club Roma Museum, located in Havana. He is visited by every tourist in Cuba because it is difficult to imagine a return home without a " famous " souvenir.
  4. Size of sugar factories. You'll be able to see the cane sugar technology with your own eyes, take the sugar beverage guarap.
  5. Valina Viñales National Park. There's no such amount of palm on the island, and Varrigon's pulmonary palms are only here.

As we travel to Cuba, we need to know the rules of conduct in the country and some habits of the local population:

  • The Cubans are very welcome, when they first met you on the street, they can call you in.
  • Women are admiring in the country, so don't be surprised if you get compliments on the street.
  • At the meeting, there were hugs, kisses and fingernails on each other's back.
  • On Saturday night, you can't talk about work and business, it's considered a bad tone. It's a special time for Cubans to rest.

The " All-Russian Travel and Family Recreation Tourer " has been a leader for over seven years in the organization of celebrations abroad, such as the honeymoon in Cuba. In that time, we managed to fulfil the dreams of 3,000 couples.

To fulfil your desire, we're ready to arrange a wedding for you. to Cuba or any other country in accordance with your wishes and capabilities. Each proposal is developed individually.

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