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Туры на Кубу в феврале 2017

Туры в Тайланд в феврале 2017The February is the winter, but a lot of people have the desire of spring. It can be approached by going to a distant island in the Caribbean, which awaits its future fans. Cuba is the country of the warm sun, the blue sea and the living beaches, and remember that it is the Liberty Island and the country that defeated socialism.

The weather here is good round, and February is no exception. In the province of Havana, air warms up to +26 degrees, cold at night, +16. The water heats up to +25 degrees. On the famous Varadero resort, the weather is approximately the same, at night, it's slightly warmer than +17 degrees, water temperature +25 C. In Santiago de Cuba, as usual, the air warms up more. Day is here + 27 degrees, night +21 C. Water temperature +25 degrees. In Trinidad +26, night +16.Туры в Доминикану в феврале 2017 The water is warmed up to +25 degrees, like anywhere near the coast of Cuba.

If you buy a trip to Cuba in February, you'll be able to hit the International Festival of Cuban cigars - they're known to the world and are considered to be the most expensive and sophisticated. During the festival, there are concerts, tastings and seminars at which you are taught how to enjoy cigars properly, how to distinguish this Cuban cigar from forgery, tell you about different classes. You'll have to bring the cigars home as a souvenir and a great gift.

Choose rest Cuba February, we can enjoy the beach rest, sell Cuban dishes based on the Creole kitchen, have fun on discotheques or sit in restaurants on the coast, drinking cocktails. If you like active time, you've got to do a divine and a fisherman, drive the whole country with a tour, and bring home a bright impression, as well as rum, cigars, black coral and turtle pancir.

In Cuba, you can spend your honeymoon, there's a lot of love for the newborn. By the way, we can have a wedding here. For a formal ceremony, I need to file a month before the trip.

On our website, you can find a suitable way of rest. Just call or leave an application, and we'll find you the best way to go at the price and duration.

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