Beach Claw

Dogs: where to swim and where control is not possible
Ночной клуб Biruza Beach Club

The Rosband Survey of Moscow completes the inspection of urban recreational zones by summer season and their compliance with sanitary requirements. To this end, specialists took samples of water and sand at beach sites, children ' s and sports sites in all recreational areas. Their studies are carried out in the subsidiaries of the FBOUZ Health and Epidemiology Centre in Moscow in the administrative districts. To date, 10 swimming recreational zones and 34 non-procurement recreational areas have already been approved by medics, and water bodies have been identified in which bathing is dangerous.

List of places where NEXT baths:

CAO: Pioneer Prud, The Golican Prud, the Pushkin River of Moscow, the Krasnogvard Pruds, the Kalitni Prud, the Patriarch Prud, the Ekaterinian Prud, the Ngojevic Prudas;
ZALAO: Prud Bikovo Boloto, Prud MJK, Mihail Prud, Cascade Malin Pruds, Dunkin Prud;
ZO: " The Mazil Prud "
UWAO: Lefortovo, Lubin Prudas, Quuzmine Pruds, Shibaev Prud;
VAO: Silver-Vinograde Pruda, Trletskaya Dubrava, Putyaev Prud, Lubedian Prud, Kuskovo, Raduga Park Pruda, Black Prud, Black Prud;
SAO: " Angar Pruds " , Himkin Reservoir ' s Ridge, " Golden Pruds " ;
UZA: The Andrei Coast;
SAO: Boris ponds;
MAL: North Tusino, Himki-2;
TINAO: " Slaughter " .

List of places where to swim:

On public beaches Nos. 2 and 3 in Sebrian Boru, the resters are waiting for football, volleyball, Badminton and big tennis, Batut children ' s towns, ping-pong tables. And we can rent bikes, catamarans and boats, hats, chess and domino.

The film “Levobergier” is never empty because of proximity to the city. A café, a rescue and a health centre are located in the Territory. It's almost entirely sandy with lively navigation on the reservoir. There's a parking lot, a locker room and a shower. Children will be able to play two big, beautiful towns and a diaper for the smallest. For an adult audience, a bar near the water is built.

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