How Much Rest

How much rest in the tour, they told me to the actor
Сколько стоит райский отдых на

The average price of recreation in Turkey, which has been sold again recently, has become known. It turns out that the cost of rest in such a favoured country is about 35,000 roubles per person. The Star television station was briefed by Vice-President Athor Dmitri Goreen.

♪ Every second call is a call to travel to Turkey. People choose most popular resorts. Regular flights are performed by four airlines. The average cost of travel is 35,000 per person. This amount includes flights, accommodation and food, he noted.

He also stressed that it was not possible to travel to Turkey at the present time owing to the lack of authorization. It is scheduled to be received from 15 to 17 July. Until then, only regular flights will fly to Turkey.

Previously reported that Turkey has been the most popular destination of the Rossian in three days since the launch of the sales of the bets.♪ Since the beginning of July, some 35 per cent of the Rossian Turks have purchased Turkish resorts.

At the end of June, Vladimir Putin decided to lift restrictions on the sale of tours to Turkey. The corresponding decree of the Russian President appeared on the Kreml Press Service website on 30 June.

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