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One of the most pleasant moments in life is to bury into a transparent seawater and to lay on a slag under the hot sun without worrying or taking care of anything. Flush tours are the most popular kind of rest around the world. TEZ TOUR proposes to go to beach rest abroad, take leave in the world 's best beach hotels, look at the most popular resorts and get a lot of new positive impressions.

At your service, there will be the most amazing and fashionable restaurants, SPA-salons and guided tour programmes. Look at the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean Sea. Caribbean Sea And the Indian Ocean, look at the sunset in South-East Asia!

TEZ TOUR offers luxury recreation in Bulgaria, Cuba, Dominica, Egypt, Greece, Italy, Maldives, Spain, Mexico, OAE, Sri Lanka and Thailand.


Pleasure rest in Bulgaria has been popular in Russia since Soviet times. Golden sands, solar shore, Varna and Burgas are long known to our tourists. The great Bulgarian cuisine, the great attitude towards Russian travelers, many virtues make recreation in Bulgaria rememberable. Meet the country's new resorts and appreciate its modern hotels!


Flying rest in Brazil is a ferrium of paint and unusual impressions, the summer sun in the winter and bright carnivals, great hotels and exotic kitchen. You're waiting for a walk on the famous Copacabana and Ipanema, the provincial charm of the secluded Buzios beaches. Open up a new country of winter beach!


Greece is a country of 2,000 islands and millions of boots with magnificent beaches. Choose a hotel on the islands or Peloponnes, during your vacation, you are guaranteed a clean sea, great beaches and a beautiful solar mood. Unique monuments, quality hotels with excellent service, fabulous nature and a great kitchen will give joy and love to life.


The warm sea, palms and watermelons, the incredibly happy, laid down in the very nature of the Georgian nation, all of which make the rest of the Black Sea coast of Georgia unforgetable. Georgia 's swim resorts today are excellent infrastructure, whole climate, clean water and low prices.

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