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Prices and discounts on airline tickets to Cuba this season

Today, six airlines are operating on Cuba from Moscow, of which Aeroflot and Transaero are carrying out direct transatlantic and economical flights to Havana. To Moscow flight Cuba The tickets are approximately 35,500 roubles.

It is also possible to choose a flight to Cuba with a transplant in Paris, which is carried out by Air France. This will allow for the highest level of service, a little breathing during a long flight and a visit to local sights.

It is important to bear in mind that the price on Cuba can increase significantly during the high season. It is therefore desirable that tickets be purchased, long before the planned trip.

In addition, Lufthansa and Condor airline flights to Cuba are carried out in Frankfurt. To find the profitable cost of tickets to Cuba, we offer to use the services of our company.

You have enough phone calls, and our managers will help you choose a convenient and beneficial flight option, to buy airline tickets to Cuba, the price you're gonna make.

Which is important to know about the flights to Cuba.

Direct flights to Cuba from Moscow are designed to reduce the distance by a plane of 9,519 kilometres. The duration of the flight is approximately 12 hours. A transplant operation can take up to 20 hours, depending on the route chosen. The time difference between Moscow and Havana is 8 hours.

The cruises to Cuba serve four international airports located in Havana, Olgin, Waradero and Kayo Koko. Of course, Havana Jose Marti airport is the largest. It is located 18 kilometres from Havana and has five terminals. This is where Moscow arrives, Cuba.

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