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гавана варадеро туры

Magic tours for the most popular and famous Cuban resort of Varadero can be compared to a visit to heaven. It is located on the Ikakos Peninsula that in the northern part of the Liberty Islands, in Matanzas province. The active development of Varadero as a resort zone at the international level began in the 1930s, although it has been known as a resort since the 1872nd.

Today ' s holidays in Waradero are tropical perilous nature, 20 kilometers of Atlantic white beaches that are part of the world ' s most clean trip, delicious landscapes. The resort is known for its excellent infrastructure, including:

∙ The div-centres of popularity competition with the world ' s most scrubbing places of water travel (this is a special tour for true divingists);
:: sailing centres, deep-sea recreational fishing, parasailing and Windserfing;
• Numerous music cabarets and entertainment clubs, welcoming the opening of their doors to night comforters;
:: Sports sites;
• High-level restaurants and stunning hotels, which tend to rest through the whole-inclusive system (minimum-value tourist services).

The uniqueness of the tours on Varadero is that the resort offers a great opportunity to rest on the sea, to bleed around local parks and interesting museums. Then visit souvenir markets and low-cost trade galleries to scream into the waterway of fun and adventure in local nights.

The town is recognized by the most famous and demanded lovers of the emotions of the hemisphere of the whole Western hemisphere. How not to buy a tour in this oasis of eternal happiness and tropical heat, loving the body and charging the positive soul.


There's no need for tourists to rely on a saturated cultural program in the city. Waradero is, above all, a resort where people go to the beach and to the clubs and discotheques. Still, old-fashioned amateurs have something to look at here.
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