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Travel to the island of freedom: shore, hamingway hotel and rum cocktails
Знаменитые пляжи Варадеро

МатанзасBe realistic, demand the impossible.
Ernesto Che Guevara

What associations did Cuba call me before my trip? Like many, rum, cigars, Che Guevara, revolution. I wanted to go there a long time ago, but there was no good case. The focus on my trip was a big event on the personal front, a divorce. When I asked myself where I wanted to go to meet and find strength, the answer came instantly and automatically, of course, Cuba. Indeed, Cuba is the " safe havens " and that is where I was going to re-establish it.

Гавана граффитиThe plane to Havana is flying long, about 13 hours. All this time, during my sleep breaks, I've read a guide to the city and felt my anticipation. In Havana, I was supposed to spend two days, after which I planned to move to Varadero for a week, the most beautiful beaches of the world.

On the first day, I decided to take a walk on Havana without resorting to the help of the launcher, that is, where the eyes look. Eyes and intuition led me first to the José Martí National Library (Avenida 20 de Mayo). The Library is considered the largest in Cuba, with more than two million books collected in its fund.

ГаванаThen, on my way to the shores of Malécon, the alleys and the windows, I went out to the street with a lot of graffiti and a scattered Cuban taxi, Tuc-tuk, where I went into one of them and drove around town.

Havana's a city of contrasts, and it'll probably confirm anyone there. Poor urban neighbourhoods and the richness of the Miramar festile area, bright coloured cars and dark filthy entrances of houses, historic monuments and mountains of debris, furious skin and white smiles. And the views of the people of Havana are remembered. As you meet them with your eyes, you feel the spirit of a free-loving independent people who, despite the lack of luxury, has never lost enthusiasm and desire to live.

After a taxi driver dropped me off near the shore Malécon, I went into a slutty local café and ordered Cuba Libre's cocktail. The Cocktail was very good because it was prepared from a large Cuban soul for at least a large Russian soul.

Варадеро Парк Хосоне
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