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Waradero, vacation in the waradero in 2016, feedback on the baradero
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General information on Waradero. History
Varadero is the most popular resort of the Republic of Cuba. The virtuous position of Varadero on the Atlantic coast is magnetized by tourists from Italy, Canada, France, Germany and other European cities. Varadero's beaches, lazy water, great landscapes and excellent infrastructure make the resort a great place to rest, fun and enjoy.
The first mention of the city is dated 1555, and the history of Waradero as a resort began in 1872, when Spanish colonizers with tight wallets started building some great recreational villas. The main development of Varadero as a resort has been in the 30 years of the past century, and since then this resort has become brighter, better and more beautiful every year!

Waradero's greatest asset is beaches, coral reefs, emerald greens and sea. This is the venom of Vadero, the park of Hosone, where unique tropical trees, flowers and plants are collected. The coolest and magnificent species can be built by renting a boat and passing through a small lake. And don't forget to take a picture outside the giant El Patriarca cactus!
On the coastal rocks of the Hikakos peninsula, a landmark of the 20 years of last century, the Ksandu villa of the American multimillionaire, Irene Dupona de Nemur. The construction of this mansion cost almost a half a million dollars, a huge amount at that time! Now there's a luxury restaurant here, and there's a great field to play golf.
Another feature of Varadero is the cart caves, the most visited of which are the Belmar and Saturn Caves. Here you will see the real underground miracles, the huge stones and crystals, the magnificent " bases " created by nature, the stalactite colones, the stalgmites, and the streams with clean water.

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