Santiago De Cuba

Tourism in santiago de cuba
Провинция Сантьяго де Куба

In Santiago de Cuba, there are many different kinds of entertainment for any taste. If you want to settle your hearing with music, it can be done in Casa de la Tradición, where the best musicians of Cuba are improvised; if you like delicious food, Paladan Salon Tropical, you're expected to have a great portion of the local kitchen. You may like Sad Paporotnikov, where there is an exhibit of flowers that includes 90 species of orchids and 350 types of paporotics. The Tivoli region, perhaps the most impressive in Cuba in terms of architecture, will allow you to enjoy the musical improvisation of beautiful ensembles, singers and salists. On Friday night, the musicians of the New Trov movement, the artists of Nico Sakito (Ñico Saquito) were given full and unstable.

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