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Rest on the cube in January.
Все изображения Куба Варадеро

The first month of the year is considered to be the coldest in Cuba, but it is this time of the year that the country attends a large number of tourists. Rest in Cuba in January enables them not only to hold a new year ' s holidays on the solar bank, but also to participate in the main event of winter, a great walk in honour of the victory of the Cuban Revolution. Cuba has traditionally celebrated this holiday on 1 January.

What kind of vacation do you want in Cuba in January?

Thanks to good climatic conditions, January is the time when the beach season in Cuba is in the middle. The majority of tourists in this year are concentrated on the resorts of the southern part of the country, which are torn by the warm Caribbean Sea. Best conditions for the beach Cuba in January May be obtained at the resorts of Kayo-Largo, Mansanillo and Santiago de Cuba. The fact is, from the ocean this time of year, there are strong winds and baths in the northern resorts, even though water is well warmed (+24 °C) is problematic. The tourists who, at that time, still prefer to visit the resorts of northern Cuba - Santa María del Mar, Waradero, Olgin and others - are more likely to swim in the basins than in the Atlantic waters. However, this does not in any way alter the image of Cuba ' s solar, bright and fun.

What do you want on Cuba in January?

On average, Cuba ' s air temperature is maintained at +25 °C in January, the warmest region in the south-east (in Santiago de Cuba, the air will warm at 2-3 °C above). Nights on the island are rarely colder than +16°C, but for evening walks on the city, the sweater or the wind is still desirable. And in the south-east resort, tourists enjoy real warm southern evenings with a temperature of +21°C ... +22°C.

The sound and rainfall of those who are on vacation in Cuba in January will not be necessary: at that time in the mid-dry season, only about three rainy days a month. Short-term precipitation does not in any way interfere with resting, even vice versa, with freshness and cooling, especially in major cities.

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