In November

November is the eternal cuban summer
Отдых на Кубе в ноябре

At a time when we've already been charged with thin autumn rains, in Cuba, in the middle of the beach season. The weather is hot, the water heats up to 27-29°C and the air is 28-31 degrees of heat. Great time to swim in the ocean waves and rest on the beach.

Apart from the traditional resort time, we can do submarine hunting, diving, sailing at the yacht, go to tobacco plantations, and there are Cuban cigars all over the world.

At the end of the fall, Cuba has several national holidays. Like St. Christobal's Day. So the Cubans are a Christian Columba, a pioneer of Cuba. This morning, the people of Havana gather at a chapel called El Templete next to the tree of the safe. On the legend, the man who's going to make the tree three times St. Christobal will do three wishes. You can check!

The weather allows travel across the country. It's better to rent a car, so you can get a closer look at Cuba from the inside and save a lot.

November in Cuba - One of the best months to rest, so you better take care of the trips in advance, because the demand for them is very high this time. There's a secret to dive from cold November in a hot summer - take your vacation in Cuba!

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