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Found tours: 598 at a price: 45,678 roubles.

Tours on Cuba

Cuba can rest for a year, but the “high” season is October-April. At this time, the cost of the tour to Cuba is slightly higher than in other months.

Cuba ' s rest is not cheap because, despite the democratic prices of hotels, the lion ' s share of the cost of the tour is flying. Usually, agencies offer tours to Cuba from Moscow.

In 2014, tourist flows to Cuba increased, with the cost of tourists to Cuba in 2014 remaining unchanged.

Since citizens of the Russian Federation are not required to travel to Cuba for a visa, burning of the Freedom Island can be purchased even a few days before leaving. Coming tour of Cubaa 7-day cost of 1,000-1200 me, which is 35-40% lower than the normal price. The price includes the cost of air travel, hotel accommodation and single feeding. Buy burning tours on Cuba is possible during the summer, as winter rest on the island is very popular, and they are being bought a few months before the season begins.

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