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ten reasons for visiting the cube are for many tourists
Куба осенью

10 reasons to visit Cuba
Many tourists wish to visit Cuba, despite the fact that the tourist tracks on the Freedom Island are not cheap due to the high cost of flying to the Western Hemisphere. Experienced travelers do not live in hotels but rent housing in private houses for a very small amount (25 a day). There are many reasons to go to Cuba. Let's celebrate the main ones.
No visa formalities and direct flights to the archipelago. No Russian and Belarusian nationals are required to travel for a period not exceeding 30 days.
Telecommunications Cuba♪ Average annual temperature on the island +25 degrees in January (starting month) +22 degrees. Despite high humidity, there is no sense of discomfort - the ocean ' s breeze is commuted on the coast.
Extreme clean beaches for any taste: white, gray, black sand. With regard to the organized beaches, the Waradero resort is ahead of all American countries. Most coastal hotels have their own beaches operating under the " All On " system.
Cubans love life in all its manifestations, so the national cuisine consists of delicious fruits with vegetables, rice and beans, tropical fruit. Also on the island, exotic dishes from the turtle, crocodile meat, or fresh lobsters, lobsters and fish-fish can be found. The famous Cuban rum is only $7 per bottle of seven years' worth. Gumanas can try a variety of rum-based cocktails.
Cuba is rich in natural and historical virtues. Among the places to be visited, the Havana Forest and the Parque Almendares municipal park in Havana. The Viñales Valley in the mountains of Seerra de la Organos is interesting by unusual caves and numerous target sources. Soroa has one of the world ' s greatest pets of orchids. There is a natural reserve of Los Indios San Filipe on the island of Huvendu. ♪ ♪

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