Cuba Libre Bar

Bar "cuba libre / cube libre "
Бар, кафе, ночной клуб Куба

Responding to the restaurant Cuba Libre / Cuba Libre" (St. Petersburg, Sadowa, 7/9-11)

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Hello! We have an unpleasant incident. We booked the table on December 26th. He was booked three or four weeks before the event. It's been a long time for a girl to ask if it's necessary to pay a deposit in advance or not... she assured us that we could pay for everything on the spot. All right, in anticipation of the holiday, on the eve of New Year, we arrived at the bar by our company, but to our great surprise, the girls at the entrance say we're not on the guest list, and it turns out that all the tables were busy. Of course we... Complete withdrawal Thought I'd go to the center tonight, I'd like something unusual that Cuba had chosen Libre, and the goodness of the institution was a little outward-looking (not the Italian kitchen and not sushi-so-so good) It's nice to meet you, the administrator healthys the fig running for the menu. The atmosphere is not that it's romantic, but rather authentic, so accurate. Turns out from 16 to 20, there's an action 2 of a cocktail at the price of one, which, at appropriate prices, can't be happy. But I didn't just come here to drink. The menu is mostly European, small... Complete withdrawal I went to lunch. A few times, he's been replaced by female waitresses in a bad mood (different to the empty room, the instruments and the table only on demand, a few times you ask for a compote, a cheque, forgets to report, and then he's looking for calculations. Apparently, it's because the administrator (I think a girl with long dark hair is cheeking and cheeking, turning back to the hall. It's not... Complete withdrawal
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