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Cuba on the map of peace
Карта Кубы с авто и жд

cubaCuba. Island State in the Caribbean Sea. During the cold war, Cuba read as an abbreviation - Communists from Beregov of America. For this small nation has played its part in the big cold war.

Cuba is mainly the ranks, but mountains are also present, such as the Sierra Maestra Mountains, and it lasted 250 kilometers, and the highest point here is the peak of Turkino, 1972 meters.

Cuban map from satellite

Map of Cuba in Russian

Cuba has many interesting caves, small and very large, for amateurs of this kind of travel, Cuba will be a discovery because the cart is quite developed. For those who are interested in more traditional recreation, there are many kilometers, sand beaches. One of the main resorts in this regard is the Waradero resort in the Ikacos peninsula. Cuba ' s climate, mainly tropical, pastoral, is very warm, round year, and even winter, thermometer is rarely below 22 degrees Celsius.

Карта Кубы на русском языке

With regard to culture or architecture, there is nothing to be commended on this island. There are dances, music, but, again, local spill. It's more like a ghost of adventure, research the island, penetrate the deepest cave and climb up the highest cave, throw a look at this beautiful island from the height of a bird's flight, it's the dream of boys playing the streets of such boring and grey cities.

However, people here receive education, study, research. 170 research institutes operate. For living here is hard and hard, so the government invests money in human health, health care.

It's slow, but it's right. Old wise Fidel has won this place and has nevertheless turned it into a decent home for many and many Cuban citizens. Without imperial castles or historic monuments of global significance... but with good education, medicine and prospects. They're working and old people, some of them get out of their jobs for the first place. You can only be happy here.


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