I'll Bring You From The Cubby

What's the guiara on the fridge, the rum, the bush, the cigars, or what brings you from the cube?
Что везут из Швеции из

So, you've decided to visit the Liberty Island and you're thinking in advance that you're bringing in a lot of friends and loved ones.


Of course, you're going to face a lot of pieces with a stylized image of local sights (magnets, glasses, T-shirts, cards, etc.) or a Cuban flag and seal. There's such an obnoxious souvenir where there are tourists. In Cuba, apart from the sights on T-shirts and glasses, we can see the portrait of the legendary Che Guevara, the beloved Cuban leader of Fidel Castro and the writer of Ernest Hemingway.

HIDDEN_TAG_1 Cuban rum

Cuba is believed to be the homeland of the Roma. The best is the rum Havana Club, which is highly valued by the beverages. Production of three Havana Club varieties - Carta Oro (solo), Carta Blanca (white) and Anejo (old). They're different at the price and at the extraction. When buying the Roma, you have to take a check, so Cuban customs are fighting forgery. Two litres of " pirate drink " may be exported to a tourist, but customs are less likely to be " pre-exported " .

Cuban cigars

Cuban cigars are a brand, too. Cigars may be long or short, fat or thin, only from a tobacco leaf or with aromatic additives. If this is not forgery, the cigars are packed in a box of white ribbons with the red inscription " Habanos " (Cuban), the package must be marked " Hecho in Cuba totalmente a mano " , which means " done in Cuba, manual work " . Two boxes of cigar are allowed to be removed. Purchase of cigars is also recommended to take a check. The best are cigars: Montecristo, Partagas, Cohiba.

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