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What brings you from the cube interesting?
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Поэтому лучше всего совершать свои покупки в лицензионных магазинах, они обычно находятся прямо на территории отеля. Также, конечно же, стоит доверять и крупным торговым центрам.Victoria:

I always bring something original from the trip, and there's nothing more about the Cuban Roma and the cigar. What can I bring from Cuba to remind you of this country? And where to do the shopping, if you can, tell me the names and addresses of the stores or markets.

Don't make mistakes, please, with the choice of a souvenir, or you can't get everything out of Cuba! For example, you've been advised to buy black corals, and you can't take them out, like turtle pancirs, animal rubbers, books over 50 years old, weapons... By the way, the machete doesn't concern, and it's a great gift that really has to be delivered in the baggage. I would, apart from the Roma, advise you to buy another herbal Cuban stance "Guayabita del Pinar", which is dry, can be sweet and sold in Viñales, Pinar del Rio and elsewhere. It's just rum-- it's very banal, and this thing is gonna be right! 40 degrees and, uhh. And as a gift, I'd bring a photo album with a cover from the bison skin, maybe a shirt or a shirt with Che Gewara that in Cuba sells at every step. Also draw attention to the severe wooden statues, in Cuba, this skill has been built into high art, but it is no longer mass, but exclusive gifts and gifts. In fact, the main souvenir you'll bring from the Liberty Islands and don't give anyone is your great mood! Happy rest!


Cuba is a beautiful and interesting country, and everyone who travels there is returning with a decent reserve of souvenirs. Most tourists bring cigarettes and rum with them. These kinds of souvenirs drive even those who don't use alcohol or smoke. But at the same time, it is mistaken to think that in the roses and cigars, the list of souvenirs ends, in fact, much more (may find a gift for any taste and wallet).

The souvenirs in Cuba are sold wherever the tourist foot goes. The local population lives poor (if not below the poverty line) and sometimes the tourist is the last hope to earn at least a little. But the export of many goods will require a special permit (licence) that large shopping centres and specialized stores can provide, but no street vendors (supplying on the street, you risk throwing money on the wind). In any case, Cuba has a trade and should not forget.

The tourists often bring a souvenir like a black coral from Liberty Island. Local residents believe that this coral has unusual (magical) properties. But if you decide to buy this piece, you have to be very careful, because about 90% of black corals are fakes. The main feature of this black coral is that it's flowing red. Such corals are often sold with precious encrusts, but the removal would require authorization.

For a man, a good souvenir will be a traditional Cuban hat, a sombrero, as well as a textile article called a gubera (a large account is a Cuban shirt, which can be one-ton but more often they do different colors).

Cuba has a huge choice of musical instruments, some of which tourists see for the first time. Most commonly, maracas, drums and bongo are bought as souvenirs. If you want to buy a good instrument, then you have to go to a specialized store, not a souvenir shop.

Also in Cuba, all items with the image of Che Guevara are popular. They usually wear shirts and T-shirts, but it could be cups, plates, corns and stuff.

A great souvenir will be a real Cuban coffee. But he needs to be able to choose. In Cuba, two types of coffee are particularly popular: Arabica Serano Washed and Subita. It's better to go to specialized stores, not the market. Price markets may be lower, but the quality of the product is not guaranteed.

For women, a pleasant gift will be the Cuban spirits that produce from exotic plants and they have an infinite aromat (nothing like this in our perfume stores can be found). Also in Cuba, a good choice of paint and skirts. There's a good choice of precious jewels and bijutheria.

Local souvenir shops can find a good choice of red wood products. These are different manual work items with high quality and affordable prices. There's a good choice of pictures of Cuban artists.


There's not only rum in Cuba. Alcohol in the country is very good, so you might have a lot of options. Many men will be pleased to receive a drink like Guayabita del Pinar. It's a strong, 40-degree alcoholic drink, which is a grassy stack. The drink is very soft and sweet.

As an agricultural inventory, Cubans use a long, wide knife called machetes. For tourists, these knives are made as beautiful as possible with red coats and legs (in hand, no machetes can be made, such a souvenir needs to be shipped to the baggage).

A great souvenir with Cuba will be a photo album. The uniqueness of Cuban albums is that they are of the original design and of the high quality (bison covers).

Practically any market or souvenir store can find products from marine sinks, bamboo, textile. Some tourists buy disks with Cuban rhythms, but it's a special souvenir, and far from everyone, it's gonna have to be showered.

Customary shops in Cuba work in the afternoons from 8.30 to 18 hours (subbot and Sunday). Trade centres start work at 9:30, and in the rest of the business schedule is the same as normal stores.

Еще из Кубы можно привезти такой популярный здесь, как и во всех странах Карибского бассейна, напиток, как кофе. Наиболее популярными сортами здесь по праву считаются - «Arabica Serano Washed» и «Turquino Сubita».There's a list of things that better not be bought because there may be serious problems with their removal from the country. These items include jewellery, weapons, animal rubber, antique, local currency, books issued more than 50 years ago, turtle pancry. Some of the items listed above can be removed from the country subject to a special license, but sometimes it is difficult to obtain (for this, purchases should be made in stores rather than markets). Be prepared to sell forgery around, which only the outside reminds me of original, quality products, so before you buy something, you need to look closely at the product.


Indeed, rum and cigars are the most popular souvenirs brought from Cuba. However, there are some things that can also be brought from Liberty Island as a gift. Only you must take into account the fact that the acquisition of souvenirs in this country is not everywhere.

It's all in strict local laws - to get this product out of the country, you have to get a license. Otherwise, you can think that you just threw money on the wind.

As a gift to the best half of humanity from Cuba, it is best to bring any jewelry from the black corals, local people believe that they have certain magical properties. Just consider that there are many forgeries in local markets. Almost ninety percent. Most tourists are offered the so-called Coralino, a cow rogue product.

To make sure you're not buying a fake, check the product out. Original black corals will be coloured red. And you must also remember that if there's an encroachment from precious stones in coral products, you'll have to get an appropriate exit permit, otherwise you might have problems at customs.

For men, a great gift will be a textile souvenir, like a Guyber man's shirt. They're mostly colorful, but if you want, you can find a single graver. A great addition to the shirt will be the national Cuban hat, sombrero.

The original gift will be the self-sustained Cuban musical instruments, Maracas, Clave, drums and bongo. Just remember that the usual shops don't sell real tools to play, they'll have to go to a specialized music store.

In our country, we have long forgotten what national and popular hero Che Guevara was. And the Cubans will still remember. You can buy a lot of different souvenirs with his image. You can buy some T-shirt with a portrait of Che Gevara or a mug or a magnet, and a lot of stuff. It's gonna be hard to find a decent thing in the broadband, but at least it's worth trying.

Women will be very grateful for a gift like Cuban spirits. They are produced here from local exotic plants, and therefore have a truly inexorable aromat. A handkerchief or a skirt can still be brought, they have very bright colors and will always attract attention.

Also a good gift will be jewellery from pearls, turtle pancirs, silvers, and even fruit bones. These may be rings or braces, suspensions or ridges, earrings or necklaces, plugs, etc.

Kids can bring toys, girls get dolls, Cubans, and boys, African toys. No child will refuse a sweet present. It could be a mango or a marmalade from a guava. And you can bring a child with musical disks with a bright and incendiary Cuban music.

A very original gift to replace the Cuban Roma will be a local grassy stitch. This alcoholic drink has at times a fortress of not less than 40 per cent, and it is two varieties of dry and sweet. The grassy stitches can be found in Pinar del Rio, Viñales and other places.

A very unusual gift will be a machete, a wide and long knife that is traditionally used in Cuba for agricultural work. They usually get bananas and sugar cane, or they use it to pave the way in the jungle. Sale of machetes or market or specialized stores. Tourists are usually offered red coats and legs for machetes.

It is also possible to acquire a gift photo album, covers of such souvenirs in Cuba are usually made from the bizon of the skin. Actually, in Havana, you can find a lot of stores offering local goods. The largest urban market is on Takon Street, in the historic part of Da Haban Vieh. It's open every day and here you can easily find articles of decorative art, some original T-shirts and other equally popular souvenirs.

It is also necessary to visit the mall, Tyendas Carlos Tercero, located at Avenida El Salvador Alende. It is also possible to visit the local arts fair, which is located behind the fenced area. There's a lot of kiosks you can find the pieces cut out of the tree, sculptures, tissues and jewelry. By the way, there's a good deal.

Waradero's best to go shopping for Plaza America's mall. It consists of a large number of shoppers and boutiques where you can find literally everything you need, from crafts and suits to jewelry. You'll be able to get so popular in there. Cuba cigars and the rum of many brands. Also a lot of stores specializing in the sale of souvenir products, you're looking for 1a Avenida.

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