Coffee Resorts On The Caribbean Sea

Top of best cube resorts

курорты кубыIn the previous article, we spoke of a unique place where the words " internationalism " , " peoples ' friendship " , " socialism " were not an empty sound, but a way of life. Here, as nowhere appreciates the freedom that has reached such a price, Cuba is an island of freedom, cigar, Roma, warm sea and bright sun. You can read the previous article here. That's what we're gonna say about Cuba's best resorts.

The islands are floated by the Caribbean Sea, the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. For beachers, it's a real paradise. Whatever the resort you choose, you can be sure that there is a white sand on the beach, and the sea will be transparent and always warm. But there are differences.

Best resorts and Cuban beaches:

  • Varadero (Varadero)

varaderoIt's one of Cuba's most famous and popular resorts. Hotels, bars and restaurants for any taste and sufficient, white as the beach edges extend 20km along the shore. Waradero welcomes tourists all kinds of water fun. It is particularly worth noting the excellent diving in the surroundings. This is facilitated by the ideal transparency of the Gulf of Mexico and the rich underwater world. Dolphin can often be seen outside the shore, which again shows a favourable environmental environment for the Fabulous Vadero.

havanaThis is the capital and the largest city in Cuba. Quort Havana makes a series of great beaches 20 kilometres east of the city, Playa del Este. The fields are quite crowded, housed by hotels, bars and restaurants. We can settle on one of these beaches or the capital of the island State. In Havana, you're looking for a remarkable and unique atmosphere of hospitality and a white sand and bathing can go to beach.

  • Kayo Koko (Cayo Coco)

It is a painting island in the north of Cuba, located directly under the idle islands of the Bahamas, and has nothing to do with its greatness. With the island of freedom, it's connected with the dam system. The beautiful beaches in the north were 9 km apart. Kayo Koko will do more for a private vacation than Vadero. There is also one of the country ' s largest diving centres. Cubans position coral reefs around the island as the second most important (after Australia). That or not, we will not judge, but the wealth of the underwater world of the island has no doubt.

cayo-coco playa-esmeralda

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