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Find out where the Dominican is on the map of the world
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Карта Доминиканы с курортами и городами. Также указаны соседние территорииOrder an airline or book a hotel in Dominica:

Dominic cards with resorts

Intelligent words, this part is referred to as the West Indies, and refers Dominica to the Greater Antilles. Yes, the country is not only on this island. Its possessions include incredibly beautiful islands that attract tourists with their superiority and bliss.

Which surrounds Dominica

The Caribbean Sea is located from the south of the main island, and the proud Atlantic Ocean fled from the north. And from the east there is a strait through which another country of Puerto Rico belonging to the United States of America is located, but no one speaks English. The official language is Spanish in this country. But this country is not part of this story, so we can talk to the Dominican Republic, which, as we see, is exclusively for tourism and recreation.

Куба и Доминикана на карте. Более того показан весь Карибский бассейн с расположением морейAmong all Caribbean countries, Dominica is the second largest country after Cuba, the same host year of the country ' s guests.

Cuba and Dominica on the map:

The picture also shows all Caribbean countries with all the surrounding countries.
Also near the island, on the part of the State of Haiti, Jamaica is under Cuba, which is on the same Caribbean Sea with its unique recreation.

On the other hand, Dominica has a whole line of island countries for Puerto Rico. They're very small, but there's a country with a very similar name, Dominic.

карта отелей Пунта КаныThese countries have literally blinded the Caribbean Sea, which already has the mainland of southern America with States such as Colombia and Venezuela.

Dominician resort cards with hotels

Punta Kana's hotel map, as well as you can see Best hotels This resort.

The islands of Saona or the so-called “Baunti Island” on the map of the Dominican Republic, where the most famous lasure sea is located. (Don't confuse the French Lasour Bank)
Google map.

Dominican Republic capital - Santo Domingo. It's full of a variety of surprises and surprises. It is located in the south of the island and reaches directly to the Caribbean Sea. A review of all the tours in Dominica is here.

To see Santo Domingo on the map:

Despite the location of the United States mainlands, a large number of Russian tourists travelled to Dominica and neighbouring countries. And while the Caribbean paradise is far away, all want to feel its desirability and goodwill.

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